As Puzzle & Dragons continues to be updated on the iOS platform, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain compatibility with older operating systems while maintaining optimal in-game performance. Because of this, continued s...

As previously announced on 7/20 (Mon), we are distributing additional pulls to ensure players who have received the 100 Super Godfest Pulls compensation will receive at least one ★6 and ★7 Fest Exclusive monster. 

We have surveyed...

Reincarnated Tsukuyomi and select other monsters have received new Super Reincarnated Evolutions! 
Additionally, many monsters have received upgrades. 



*All images and data displayed are in development a...

Numerous Draconic Orchestra Series monsters including Draconic Songstress on Trumpet, Phenom and Draconic Songster on Electric Guitar, Marthis have received Upgrades!

See here for more information on the latest run of the Draconic...

As previously announced on 7/17 (Fri), we have confirmed that there was an error in the 100 Free Super Godfest Pulls! announcement posted on 6/26 (Fri). 

We have surveyed the number of accounts that were affected by this error, an...

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August 1, 2020

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