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Notes Regarding In-game Mail Expiration Dates

Notes Regarding In-game Mail Expiration Dates

Currently, in-game mail have a 60-day expiration date. (Select in-game mail do not have expiration dates. Please see below for more details.) 
We highly recommend opening this mail before the expiration date ends.


See below for more information on the in-game mail expiration dates.

What is a Mail Expiration Date?

Mail from the Game Admin have expiration dates for opening and claiming attached rewards. If players do not open mail before the expiration date, attached monsters, Magic Stones, Dungeons, Coins, Pal Points, etc. will become unredeemable. Players will not be able to check the original mail contents after they expire.

What type of mail does this include?

Announcements, Login bonuses, event bonuses, rewards, compensation, etc. from the Game Admin.

*Mail from limited-time events, etc. may have different expiration periods depending on their specific details.

Will expired mail automatically be deleted?

Expired mail will not be automatically deleted.

What happens to mail with Dungeons that I opened but did not press the “Begin” button?

Players that did not press the “Begin” button to unlock a dungeon before the expiration date will be unable to play the dungeon after the mail expires.

*This still applies if the mail was protected.

What happens to mail from Friends?

Mail from Friends have no expiration dates. However, Friend Invites will automatically be deleted after 7 days.


*The Friend Invite expiration date will be displayed under the player’s name as “Expires in: …days” or “Expires in: ...hours”. 

*Expired Friend Invites cannot be restored.

Does the mail from Memorial Egg Machines have expiration dates?

Memorial Egg Machines do have expiration dates. Please be sure to check when these expire.

Does the mail including items purchased from the Magic Stone Shop have expiration dates?

Any in-game mail tied to a purchase from the Magic Stone Shop, such as the Special One-Time Bargain Set and the Limited-Time Egg Machine Bundles, will not expire.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

*Please note the information on this page is subject to change without notice or compensation.

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