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【iOS】Backup & Restore Guide

[Update] 9/13/2023: Information regarding game data backup and iCloud sign-in has been adjusted.

With the iOS update, the process of syncing Puzzle & Dragons Game Data to the iCloud has been changed. Syncing this data allows for account information between iOS Devices to be restored.

Backup Game Data Using iCloud

By signing in to iCloud beforehand and toggling the iCloud Drive option to "On", game data will automatically backup. From the [Settings] menu, navigate to [Apple ID] > [iCloud].

Under “Apps using iCloud” in the [iCloud] menu, toggle PAD to the active position.

Restore Game Data to a New Device

When PAD is installed in a new device, it will sync your game data to the new installation by signing in to iCloud on the new device and toggling the iCloud Drive option to "On" in [Settings] > [Apple ID] > [iCloud]. Opening the game will prompt the player to restore the game data from iCloud.

iOS Data Migration Warnings

  • In the case that the same iCloud account is used on multiple devices, Game Data of the device last played will be restored.

  • Please refrain from playing the same game data on multiple devices using shared iCloud accounts as it runs the risk of corrupting data.

  • For more information on iCloud Backups, please contact Apple Support. Please perform backups at your own discretion. This method of transfer is compatible between iOS devices only.

  • New data transferred from the Device Change overwrites game data that was previously backed up in iCloud.

  • Please do not attempt to change devices during the Tutorial. The Tutorial and gameplay later on may be affected by unforeseen bugs or issues.


  • When transferring Game Data using a Device Change Code, selecting “No” at the iCloud Game Data recovery screen will take you to the Name Entry Screen.

  • The process of backup function may differ depending on the iOS versions of the devices.

  • This function can only be used by devices with iOS 10.0 or higher.

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