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Super Awakening System Arrives!

The new Super Awakening System makes its debut! Fusing +Eggs to a monster that has performed a Level Limit Breakthrough will add a Super Awakening Skill to the Base Monster!

*The above image is one example.

★ See here for more details on monsters that can perform Super Awakenings.

Performing a Super Awakening

① Perform a Level Limit Breakthrough on a monster.

With a monster that can perform a Level Limit Breakthrough, level it up to Max, then use a Super Snow Globe Dragon in Power-Up Fusion.

② Fusing a +297 monster to the monster from ① will unlock the Super Awakening slot! *If a monster that is already +297 performs a Level Limit Breakthrough, the Super Awakening slot will be unlocked.

③ Fusing monsters to reach an additional total of +297 Stats, regardless of HP, ATK, or RCV, to the monster from ② will unlock one random Super Awoken Skill from the monster’s available selection!

④ Fusing monsters to reach another total of +297 Stats, regardless of HP, ATK, or RCV, will allow players to reroll the Super Awakening.


*Any + Stat value that exceeds 297 will carry over to the next reroll.

*Super Awakenings are only active in Solo play and will not take in effect in Multiplayer Mode.

*For dungeons with “Special” rules, Super Awakenings will not take effect until the monster’s level reaches the Level Limit Breakthrough.

*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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