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New Ultimate Evolutions & Upgrades!

Select monsters such as Awoken Andromeda and Awoken Sun Wukong have received Reincarnated Evolutions! Light Music Club's Kirin Princess, Sakuya has received an Ultimate Evolution! Also, select monsters such as Reincarnated Pandora and Beautiful and Intelligent Scholarship Student, Isis have received upgrades!

Reincarnation Evolutions Reincarnation Evolution is a special evolution that selected Ultimate Evolution monsters can perform at Max Level. Monsters will return to level 1 after performing Reincarnation Evolution. *Monsters cannot return to their Ultimate Evolution form after a Reincarnation Evolution.


Monster Details

Active Skill Changes

Leader Skill Changes

Level Limit Breakthroughs Reincarnated Yamato Takeru Reincarnated Andromeda Reincarnated Perseus Reincarnated Sun Wukong Student Council President, Lucifer Scholarship Student, Isis Hera-Ur-Senpai Sincere Class Monitor, Athena Sacred Discipline Committee Chair, Athena Beautiful and Intelligent Scholarship Student, Isis Master Librarian Goddess, Kali Rampant School Dragon, Viper Orochi Band's Kirin Princess, Sakuya

New Super Awakenings *After meeting the Super Awakening conditions, one of three Super Awakening Skills will be randomly unlocked.

Monster Cost Changes

Awoken Odin

Awoken Deity Odin Archangel Uriel Archangel Gabriel Archangel Michael Archangel Raphael Archangel Lucifer Belial Amon Astaroth Baal Fallen Angel Lucifer Archangel Metatron Voice of God, Metatron Dark Angel Metatron Hand of the Dark God, Metatron Red Dragon Caller, Sonia Extant Red Dragon Caller, Sonia Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia Eternal Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia Endless Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia Awoken Phantom God, Odin Bearded Deity, Guan Yu Steadfast Bearded Deity, Guan Yu Loyal Deity, Guan Yu Valiant & Loyal Deity, Guan Yu Sleeping Dragon, Zhuge Liang Genius Sleeping Dragon, Zhuge Liang Life Dragon, Zhuge Liang Celestial Life Dragon, Zhuge Liang Goddess of Secrets, Kali Shining Goddess of Secrets, Kali Goddess of Power, Kali Destroying Goddess of Power, Kali The Norn Urd Norn of the Past, Urd The Norn Verdandi Norn of the Present, Verdandi The Norn Skuld Norn of the Future, Skuld Red Dragonbound, Gadius Lightning Red Dragonbound, Gadius Black Dragonbound, Typhon Lightning Black Dragonbound, Typhon White Beast Demon, Ilm Tome-Creating White Phantom Demon, Ilm Black Beast Demon, Zuoh Enraged Black Phantom Demon, Zuoh Sun Dragon Caller, Kanna Dawn Sky Sun Dragon Caller, Kanna Moon Dragon Caller, Satsuki Ominous Moon Dragon Caller, Satsuki Orange Dragonbound, Saria Judging-Claw Orange Dragonbound, Saria Blue Dragonbound, Ryune Returning-Claw Blue Dragonbound, Ryune Green Dragonbound, Sylvie Cutting-Claw Green Dragonbound, Sylvie Australis Destroying Bow Steel Star God, Australis Scheat Protecting Vials Steel Star Goddess, Scheat Eschamali Judging Scale Steel Star Goddess, Eschamali Fenrir Gods' Enemy Monstrous Wolf, Fenrir Sherias Winged Savior Dragon Knight God, Sherias Baldin Radiant Blade Mechdragon God, Baldin Fenrir Viz God Destroyer Monstrous Wolf, Fenrir Viz Sherias Roots Destroying Wing Dragon Emperor, Sherias Roots Balboa Steel Wand Mechdragon God, Balboa Great Duke of Hell, Dantalion Confusing Face Great Duke of Hell, Dantalion Princess of Hell, Sitri Desiring Princess of Hell, Sitri Great Earl of Hell, Ronove Bursting Great Earl of Hell, Ronove Sacred King of Hell, Paimon Crowned Sacred King of Hell, Paimon Evil Duchess, Gremory Hell Eye's Evil Duchess, Gremory Aten Sunset God of Purifying Light, Aten Fujin Green-Horned Demon Princess, Fujin Raijin Yellow-Horned Demon Princess, Raijin Flame Wing Wisedragon, Nerva Ocean Horn Wisedragon, Mercuria Summit Horn Wisedragon, Bacches Sun Crown Wisedragon, Apolluo Crescent Moon Wisedragon, Diena Heroic Firelight Sword, Claíomh Solais Heroic Sword of the Alluring Lake, Arondight Heroic Thunderstone Edge, Caladbolg Heroic Yinyang Swordpair, Gan Jiang & Mo Ye Heroic Woodghost Spear, Misteltein Amenominakanushi Serene Primordial Divinity, Amenominakanushi Cthugha Cthugha, the Chaotic Flame Yog-Sothoth Yog-Sothoth, The One Beyond Hestia Tethys Cronus Astraea Uranus Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney Takamimusubi Ruthless Primordial Divinity, Takamimusubi Kamimusubi Wondrous Primordial Divinity, Kamimusubi Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton Macha Blazing Hands War Goddess, Macha Nemain Abyssal Hands War Goddess, Nemain Morrigu Ruining Hands War Goddess, Morrigu Brigid Aife Dagda Lugh Arianrhod

Notes: *All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary. *If the changes are not displayed in-game, please try exiting the app completely and rebooting your device.

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