TAMADRA Costume Contest Results

August 2, 2018



Thank you to everyone who participated in our TAMADRA Costume Contest!
The creativity of the Puzzle & Dragons community never ceases to amaze us!


Now without further ado, please enjoy these fantastic works of art made by members of the community!


Grand Prize - Set TAMADRA
Artist: z00p
What a TAMADRA! This little TAMADRA may be on the furry side, but wow is it cute! Set has never looked so charming!
Congratulations to z00p for winning our Grand Prize!

 Winner - Rikuu TAMADRA
Artist - Lugidog
This Rikuu TAMADRA was carefully animated to where it looks like something that could show up in the real game! A really amazing work of art by Lugidog. You can tell a lot of time and love was put into it!


Artist - Zephos
Look at those colors! This Plan TAMADRA looks incredibly vibrant, and even the background draws your attention in! Wonderful job on arranging the design of Plan to suit TAMADRA!

Winner - Yog-Sothoth TAMADRA
Artist - Katherine L.
The colors and design of this watercolor Yog-Sothoth are truly incredible! This talented artist did a fantastic job of not only adapting Yog-Sothoth's design to fit TAMADRA, but really capturing the character's ethereal nature.


Winner - Zela TAMADRA
Artist - Greg!
An amazing animated Zela TAMADRA! The giant punch at the end is really impactful and true to the original character, and the special effects when moving look really awesome!



Once again, a big thank you to everyone who participated in the TAMADRA Costume Contest!

Not enough TAMADRA? Check out our album of other great entries in the TAMADRA Costume Contest on Facebook!

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