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Ver. 15.1 Update!

Ver. 15.1.0 has arrived, and it brings a new Monster Exchange feature, a new Awoken Skill, and more!

*This update also brings compatibility to Android OS 9.0.

Successive Exchanges in the Monster Exchange

When exchanging a monster at the Monster Exchange, players may now make the same exchange in succession.

① Exchange a monster.

② If it is possible to make the same exchange that was completed in ① again, a button labeled “Exchange again” will be displayed.

③ By pressing “Exchange again,” players may repeat the exchange that was performed in ①.

New Awoken Skill Added

The Awoken Skill “Combo Orbs” has been added.

*The effects of this Awoken Skill are activated upon connecting exactly 12 orbs of the same element as the awoken monster. *When 3 Combo Orbs are already on the board, connecting exactly 12 orbs while leaving the Combo Orbs on the board will not activate the Awoken Skill. (A maximum of 3 Combo Orbs can be on the board at one time.)

Combo Orbs Effect When the Awoken Skill is activated, a Combo Orb will drop onto the board. For every Combo Orb that is erased, 1 combo will be added.

*Combo Orbs will randomly drop as one of the 5 Attributes or a recovery Orb. *When a Combo Orb is changed into an Orb that is not one of the 5 Attributes or recovery (for example a Jammer), it will lose the Combo Orb effect. *The additional combos added from Combo Orbs will not be included in the average number of combos in Score Dungeons, Ranking Dungeons, etc.

iPhone X Compatibility

The screen layout and other features have been adjusted for iPhone X compatibility.

While in a dungeon, both the players’ and the Helper’s Leader Skills will be displayed on the upper portion of the screen on iPhone X devices only.

While in a dungeon, holding a monster’s thumbnail will display a description of their Active Skill’s effects on the upper portion of the screen on iPhone X devices only.

Android Aspect Ratio Changes

The aspect ratio can now be changed to 2:1 by selecting “Others”, then “Screen Display Settings” from the menu. This can only be performed on Android OS 7.0 or higher. By changing the aspect ratio to 2:1, information such as the players’ and the Helper’s Leader Skills will be displayed at the top of the screen while in a dungeon.

*This option is not available on the Kindle Fire version of the game.

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements

Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.

Notes: *All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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