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Social Media Linking

[Update] 9/13/2023: The process of transferring Puzzle & Dragons game data has been changed with the Ver.20.8 Update. The most up-to-date version of the Game Data Transfer Guide can be found here.

After the Version 15.3 update, users can now link their Puzzle & Dragons game data to their Social Media account.

See here for more information on the Version 15.3 Update.

Users can transfer their game data to a different device or restore their data by linking to their Facebook account.

*Players can also receive 10 Magic Stones via in-game mail by linking to their Facebook account for the first time.

How to link to a Social Media account.

1) Launch Puzzle & Dragons and from the Others Menu, tap Device Change/Social Media Linking then Social Media Linking.

2) Select and log in to the service of the Social Media account.

・Facebook Account Login Screen

3) Check the Log in with Facebook screen, and tap Continue.

4) Your Facebook account is now linked to your game data.

How to transfer game data with Social Media account

1) Do a fresh install of Puzzle & Dragons.

2) At the Enter Name screen, tap Transfer Game Data Using a Social Media Account instead of entering your name.

3) Continue by tapping Yes.

4) Select and log into the Social Media account linked to the registered game data.

5) Check the Confirm Login screen, and tap Continue.

6) Check the game data that is linked to your Social Media account, and tap Yes.

7) The game data transfer is now complete.

Notes: *Please restart the app after the Data Transfer has completed.

*Important Notice* I) Please ensure that you have a good signal when transferring game data.

II) A Social Media account may only have one game account linked to it.

III) For questions regarding your linked Social Media account, or how to create a Social Media account, please contact the appropriate Social Media company.

IV) Please make sure to remember the Social Media account linked to the game data.

V) Please do not transfer game data during the tutorial. Doing so may lead to an issue with the tutorial or further game play.

VI) There may be instances where Social Media Linking will fail due to limitations on Facebook’s servers. If this issue persists, please try the procedure again at a later time.


Q1: What does Social Media Linking do? A1: By linking your Social Media account to your Puzzle & Dragons game data, you can transfer the data to a different device, or restore the data when the device is reset to its factory settings.

Q2: I have progressed in the game after linking the Social Media account. Will my progress be reflected when I transfer game data? A2: The most current game data that was sent to the server be transferred.

Q3: Is there a way to check the Social Media account that the game data is registered to? A3: There is no way to check the Social Media account that the game data is registered to. If you are not sure which Social Media account your game data is registered to, please follow the Social Media Linking procedure again.

Q4: How can I change the Social Media account linked to my game data? A4: You can change the Social Media account by following the Social Media Linking procedure again, *The registered Social Media account will be changed after logging in to a different Social Media account.

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