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Notice from the Puzzle & Dragons Team

We would like to thank everyone for enjoying Puzzle & Dragons.

Puzzle & Dragons is a game that a myriad of people enjoy playing on smartphones and tablets. We would like to remind players to exercise courtesy for other players as guidelined below while playing the game.

1) Do not do any activities that cause problems for other players.

Any actions with the intention of harassing another player and lessening their experience of the game are strictly prohibited. We ask that all players be respectful and considerate while playing and communicating with other players.

2) Be responsible for Your ID (game data).

We strongly recommend for players to be responsible and protect their Player ID, Secret Code, smartphone login information, and any passwords associated with Puzzle & Dragons.

Trading, buying or selling of Puzzle & Dragons game accounts is strictly prohibited.

Temporarily lending your game data to another person to clear dungeons or to perform any other actions that would give the player an unfair advantage are also prohibited.

If a player performs these actions, they risk not having their account returned to them, having issues with remaining balances on their account, or having their personal information stolen. Similar risks arise if a player trades or lends their social media account associated with their Puzzle & Dragons game data. Our company takes no responsibility if any problems occur from these actions.

In order to continue playing Puzzle & Dragons in a safe environment, we urge players to keep information like their Player ID and Secret Code safe.

For more information about prohibited activities, see here.

Thank you for playing Puzzle & Dragons and for your continued support.

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