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7th Anniversary Livestream Summary

We hope everyone enjoyed the phenomenal announcements on the 7th Anniversary Livestream!

Missed the action? Check out the archive here.

- Congratulations to Reni for winning the Facebook Cover Banner Design Contest! Her banner will be displayed on the official Facebook page for 1 month. Check out her banner here.

- The 7th Anniversary Extravaganza Event is still ongoing! See here for more details.

- To celebrate the 7th Anniversary, select Memorial Egg Machines are being reset, and Rank 700 Memorial Egg Machine is being added after a short maintenance next week! See here for details.

- Also to celebrate the 7th Anniversary, Yamamoto Producer himself announced that everyone in the server will receive 77 Magic Stones just for logging in for a limited time!

[Distribution Period]: 11/8 (Fri), 7:00 PM - 11/23 (Sat), 3:59 AM

- He also announced a special 7th anniversary 24-hour 7 Magic Stones! Super Godfest! See details here.

- GungHo Kenji, GungHo Sam, and our helpful viewer, omaru, successfully got the revenge on Multiplayer! Libertas Descended! As a reward, everyone will be getting 10 Snow Globe Dragons, 2 of each color!

[Distribution Period]: 11/9 (Sat) - 11/12 (Tue)

- GungHo Kenji and GungHo Sam successfully cleared Senri Descended! With no continues! As a reward, everyone will be getting 7 Super Snow Globe Dragons, 777 + Points, and 70,000 Monster Points! Also, the stream helped to pick 2 extra credit missions, which they successfully cleared!

Thanks to them clearing the “Activate Guard Break Awoken Skill and Match 2 Jammer Points in the Same Turn” extra credit, everyone will receive 1 King TAMADRA and 1 Rainbowpy!

Thanks to them reaching 10 combos against Awoken Tsukuyomi without using any combo addition skills, everyone will receive 1 Diamond Dragon Fruit, 1 Jewel of Creation, and 1 Rainbowpy!

[Distribution Period]: 11/9 (Sat) - 11/12 (Tue)

- En Garde! Samurai Shodown collab arrives on Puzzle & Dragons next week!

- Fest Exclusive Heroine Series and Fist of the North Star Collab will also be returning soon, so stay tuned for further announcements!

To everyone that saw the stream, what did you think? What did you like? Dislike? What would you like to see from us? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!


*Login Bonuses are available from 4:00 AM to 3:59 AM (UTC-8) of the following day.

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