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February Quest Dungeon

[Duration]: 2/1, 0:00 - 2/29, 23:59 (PST)

The special PAD Appreciation Celebration edition of February Quest Dungeon is here! 

Players will receive a total of 120 Magic Stones for clearing all floors.

Additionally, select floors will reward players with additional first-time clear rewards along with Magic Stones when clearing for the first time!

Just like the previous month, the LvEX floor will be unlocked after clearing Lv15 for the first time!

Confident players should aim to conquer all levels!

*Players who have cleared the LvEX-Supergravity/No Continues floor of the January Quest Dungeon, the floor, Sun Radiance, Sixtreme Hellter Skelter-Supergravity/No Continues will appear in the Special Dungeon, PAD Appreciation Rush!

*February Quest Dungeon is solo-play only.

*Every floor has different dungeon rules. Please check the Special Rules listed when entering a dungeon or on the dungeon screen.


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