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*Notice Regarding the Upcoming Maintenance from the Puzzle & Dragons Team*

The Ver.20.3 Update maintenance scheduled to start 11/21, 18:00 (PST) has been moved to start 11/24, 18:00 (PST). We deeply apologize for the short notice.

Maintenance Schedule Change

[Duration before change]: 11/21, 18:00 - 11/22, 2:00 (PST)

[Duration after change]: 11/24, 18:00 - 11/25, 2:00 (PST)

Along with the shift of the maintenance duration, the end date of the current ongoing Rare Egg Machine will also change.

Rare Egg Machine End Date Change

[End date before change]: 11/21, 18:00 when maintenance starts

[End date after change]: 11/24, 18:00 when maintenance starts

Thank you for playing Puzzle & Dragons, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

*Maintenance times are still tentative and may change should further needs arise. We will update all users according to any changes. The actual end time may vary depending on the progress of the maintenance work.


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