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Rare Egg Machine 5 Magic Stones! Godfest

[Duration]: 10/1 (Fri), 0:00 - 10/7 (Thu), 23:59 (UTC-8)

This time the Rare Egg Machine will feature Fest Exclusive monsters! This special Rare Egg Machine costs 5 Magic Stones per pull, and will include Fest Exclusives such as Ice Queen, Miada, who has recently received a new Ultimate Evolution! In addition, the Rare Egg Machine will feature a new Fest Exclusive monster, Goddess of Night, Noctaria!

Goddess of Night, Noctaria




*Players will be able to check the contents of the Rare Egg Machine by pressing the “Lineup” button from the Machine menu.

*We recommend that players check the lineup before pulling at the Rare Egg Machine.


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