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ID & Secret Code

Every Puzzle & Dragons player has two unique identification codes that help the support team identify and confirm a game account. It is important that you keep these numbers secure as you may not be able to receive support without them.


This information represents the game account you use. It is required to search and add Friends.


Secret Code
This unique identification code is meant to confirm that you are the primary user of a game account. It is CRUCIAL that you do not share this information with anyone as it could greatly compromise the security of the game account. If you require any form of support, you will have to provide this number to the support team.

If you are unable to provide your ID and Secret Code, the support team will not be able to assist you. Please make sure to keep these numbers in a secure location. Using your device’s built-in function, we recommend you take a screenshot of these numbers and back them up in a location other than your device. This way, if something happens to your device, you will still have these numbers to provide to support. The following images will show how you can find these numbers.


As the Secret Code is the primary means of verifying a game account, we again stress the importance of keeping this number secret from ANYONE. The support team will not be responsible for any compromise of game data as a result of sharing your Secret Code.

Checking Your ID

1. Tap [Friend] on the bottom menu.


2. Tap [Your ID / ID Search].


3. This 9-digit number is your personal ID. Make sure to save this number by writing it down or taking a screenshot using your device’s built-in function (if you take a screenshot, make sure to back it up to a different location in case something happens to your device).


Checking Your Secret Code

1. Tap [Others] on the bottom menu.


2. Tap [Support].


3. Tap [Display].


4. This unique code combines both letters and numbers. Please make sure to save this number by taking a screenshot with your device’s built-in function and backing it up to another location. You may also want to write it down. If you tap [Copy], it will save to your device’s clipboard so you can paste it into a support window more easily. Once again, it is important that you do not share this number with anyone as it will compromise the game account.

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