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Prohibited Activities in Puzzle & Dragons

All actions which serve to progress the game unfairly by using illegitimate means are strictly prohibited. This includes anything that goes beyond the originally intended and implemented game systems. The following list of examples is not exhaustive, but serves as a good example of prohibited actions.


  • Intentional exploitation of in-game bugs

  • Trading, buying or selling of game accounts

  • Modification of the app

  • Use of illegal third party programs

  • Client/packet modification or editing

  • Impersonating Puzzle & Dragons Official Facebook, Admin, or related companies

  • Any other acts deemed inappropriate by the operations team


Such activities will be dealt with strictly. This may include a permanent suspension from the game and the complete deletion of game account data.


Additionally, any user who is not directly involved with these activities but is found to be directly associated and actively benefiting from them will be treated the same as a user who originally performed those actions.


We are continuously working on counter-measures to prevent such activities, and we fully believe that Puzzle & Dragons can be thoroughly enjoyed without such behavior.


For everyone who has been legitimately enjoying Puzzle & Dragons, we hope you continue to do so. Avoid all such illicit activities, and if you believe you have witnessed some form of bug or exploit, please report it to our support team as soon as possible (via the following link

“ …but is it OK to ______ ?”

The purpose of this notice is not to set a concrete list of restricted behaviors, but rather to provide explicit warning that cheating in Puzzle & Dragons is NOT ALLOWED. If you feel the need to ask if a certain action is considered “OK,” it’s a good rule to assume it isn’t. Again, we wish for all our users to continue enjoying the game as it was originally intended.


Thank you for your cooperation.

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