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10 Magic Stones + Japan’s 10th Anniversary Set!

[Duration]: 4/25 (Mon), 0:00 - 5/29 (Sun), 23:59 (UTC-8)

For a limited time, a special bundle will be available to purchase!

This special one-time bundle will include Magic Stones, Event Medal - Black; 10-Year Anniversary TAMADRA; and Giant Gems!

See below for more information.

  • 10 Magic Stones + Japan’s 10th Anniversary Set: $9.99 (USD) 10 Magic Stones 10x Event Medal - Black 1x 10-Year Anniversary TAMADRA 2x Giant Fire Gem 2x Giant Water Gem 2x Giant Wood Gem 2x Giant Light Gem 2x Giant Dark Gem


*These bargain sets can only be purchased once per Player ID.

*When purchasing the bundle it will be displayed as “10 Magic Stones & Set AC”.

*When purchasing Magic Stones, be sure to be in a place with a good network connection.

*During purchase, do not close the app until the Magic Stones have been added to your total.

*Players will receive monsters through in-game mail. Players can check their mail by accessing the Mail/Friend Invites screen from the [Friends] menu. If the mail does not show up in the mailbox, please try returning to the title screen or restarting the app.

*If a player’s in-game mailbox is full, they will be unable to receive the monsters through in-game mail. It is highly recommended that players delete unneeded mail in order to properly receive in-game mail.

*If a player is unable to receive their Magic Stones or their monsters due to an unexpected occurrence or closure of the app, they will be able to receive it by restarting their app within 2 weeks of the end of the bundle's final sale date.

*If an unexpected occurrence happens and a user purchases the bundle a second time, the second purchase will only give the user the Magic Stones.

*If a connection error happens or the App closes before a Magic Stone purchase is completed or before the Magic Stones show up, please do not try to repurchase the Magic Stones. Instead, players should contact the relevant app store to confirm whether they were charged for the purchase or not. See here for more information.

*Refunds for completed Magic Stone purchases are not permitted under any circumstances.

*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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