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TAMADRA Costume Contest

[Duration]: 6/22 (Fri), 8:00 PM - 7/8 (Sun), 11:59 PM (PDT)

Are you ready for one of our most exciting contests yet? Grab your drawing tools, because it’s time to give TAMADRA a new look! Whether you’re a beginner artist or a pro, everybody gets something for participating in our newest contest, so don’t miss out!

In this contest, players will give TAMADRA a new look by dressing it up as other Puzzle & Dragons characters! Players may use a base TAMADRA image available on our contest submission website or create their own image completely from scratch!

Once the drawing is complete, players may submit their entries via our contest submission website available here:

All participants will be eligible to receive 5 Magic Stones in-game, so make sure to enter your ID correctly when submitting your drawing! Winners will receive an official Puzzle & Dragons T-Shirt, and the grand prize winner will receive an adorable TAMADRA plush to commemorate their victory!

To submit your entry, you will be required to upload your work to a third party media hosting website and then share the link on our Shortstack form. We recommend using a website such as Imgur so that your images can be kept private. See the disclaimer on the form for more details.

Entries must be submitted by 7/8 (Sun), 11:59 PM (PDT). Please check your local time zone to make sure entries are submitted on time. Multiple submissions from the same participant will be accepted, however only one submission will be chosen for prizes. In addition, the participation reward of 5 Magic Stones may only be received once after the contest at a later date.

Winners will be announced at a later date and have their art shared for other fans to see! In addition, we have some great prizes in store for players who submitted winning entries!


Grand Prize Total: 1 TAMADRA Plush TAMADRA Keychain

Design Sample:

Winners Total: Up to 4 Official Puzzle & Dragons T-Shirt TAMADRA Keychain Design Sample:

Participation Prize All participants will receive 5 Magic Stones in-game!

Notes: Shipping addresses may be requested at a later date through the e-mail submitted on the form. *The participation reward of 5 Magic Stones will be received at a later date after the contest has concluded. *Multiple entries may be submitted, however only one entry may be chosen as a winning entry. In addition, the participation prize of 5 Magic Stones may only be received once. *All entries must be created by the entrant. No collaborative works will be accepted. (Any works created by multiple players will only be eligible for one prize) *Any works published on social media websites or fan publications will be disqualified from the contest. *Players who submit an invalid ID will be ineligible to receive the 5 Magic Stone participation prize. Please make sure that you submit the correct ID when entering this contest. *Winning entries will have their names shared when winners are announced. *Contest is valid for US and Canada participants only. *All information collected for contests will only be used for the purpose of sending prizes for that contest. *This contest is subject to GungHo Online Entertainment America’s event policy. Submissions are valid and judged solely at the discretion of GungHo Online Entertainment America and its employees. *All submitted works are subject to being posted on our official social media channels. *Any entries that are profane, offensive, explicit, or not following the theme outlined above will be disqualified from the contest. *By submitting an entry to this contest, you agree to all contents of this page. *Any expenses that may occur when creating submissions is the responsibility of the entrant. *In the case that any information entered was incorrect upon submitting an entry, it may be disqualified from the contest. *Any entries meeting any of the following conditions will be disqualified from the contest. In addition, if a winning entry is found to meet any of these conditions, it may be found ineligible to receive a prize. Entries made by someone other than the entrant or a copy of someone else’s creation or any entry that violates the rights of a third party. Entries unrelated to Puzzle & Dragons. Entries deemed to include violent, sexual, or inappropriate imagery by the contest holder. *We can not be held responsible for any copyright infringements between entrants and third parties. *When displaying entries, small adjustments may be made in order to display them. (Size adjustment, addition of logo or display of rights) *Please refrain from displaying any entries before the results of the contest have been announced, including rough sketches or alterations to previously submitted entries. *This contest or the distribution of its prizes may be suspended if any unintended malicious activity has been detected by the Puzzle & Dragons team. *The details and conditions stated on this page may be subject to change without notice or compensation. *For more details on our contest and event policy, see here:

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