Gem Temple Arrives!

August 4, 2018

[Starting]: 8/6 (Mon), UTC-8


The new Limited Time Dungeon, Gem Temple makes its debut! 


This dungeon comes with 2 difficulties, Master and Annihilation, and Gem Evo Material monsters such as Large Fire Gem will appear in each battle!
On Annihilation difficulty, Almighty God, Zeus Dragon; Original Goddess, Gaia Dragon; and many others will appear as bosses. After defeating the boss, a Gem will randomly drop like Original Goddess, Gaia Dragon's Gem, Large Dark Gem, or Medium Light Gem. Seize the day and grab some rare Gems!



*Limited Time Dungeons do not appear on a set schedule.
*Clearing every floor of a specific dungeon will reward players with a First Time Clear Magic Stone.
*If your max Stamina is less than the Stamina value required to enter the dungeon, the dungeon will not appear. Stamina overflow does not change this requirement.
*All images and data displayed are in development, and they may be adjusted if necessary.
*After the 15.0 Update, select Evo Materials required to evolve certain monsters have been changed to stackable Gems! See here for more details on Gems.

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