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Skill Leveling Dungeon Arrives!

[Duration]: 11/2 (Fri), 12:00 AM (UTC-8) - 11/16 (Fri), 11:59 PM (PST)

Skill Up the monsters from the Voice Godfest in the new Skill Leveling Dungeon!

This dungeon features monsters from the lineup of the 10 Magic Stones! Voice Godfest!

Using a monster in your team that has the same Skill as a monster in this dungeon will guarantee a Skill Up for that monster!

Don’t miss this chance to power up your team!

See here for more information on the 10 Magic Stones! Voice Godfest.

Monsters that appear in each floor: Heroines & Great Witches

  • Phantom Demon of the Grimoire, Ilmina

  • Aqualily Goddess of Bliss, Uruka

  • Anamnesis Norn, Planar

  • Great Witch of the Forbidden Cavern, Madoo

  • Great Witch of the Lonely Island, Reeche

  • Great Witch of the Solitary Peak, Zela

  • Great Witch of the Unexplored Region, Saline

  • Great Witch of the Specter Castle, Veroah

Ney & Cotton

  • Thunder Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney

  • Coiled Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney

  • Quartz Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney

  • Unleashed Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney

  • Nocturnal Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney

  • Scorched Claw Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton

  • Drilling Shark Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton

  • Horned Fort Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton

  • Sacred Beast Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton

  • Jester Toy Dragon Caller, Cotton

Fire Attribute Monsters

  • Awoken Horus

  • Awoken Ame no Uzume

  • Awoken Krishna

  • Awoken Sanada Yukimura

  • Awoken Antares

  • Awoken Hestia

  • Radiant Blade Mechdragon God, Baldin

  • Blazing Hands War Goddess, Macha

Water Attribute Monsters

  • Awoken Neptune

  • Awoken Sun Quan

  • Awoken Mori Motonari

  • Awoken Kundali

  • Awoken Tethys

  • Endless Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia

  • Norn of the Future, Skuld

  • Protecting Vials Steel Star Goddess, Scheat

  • Returning-Claw Blue Dragonbound, Ryune

Wood Attribute Monsters

  • Awoken Vishnu

  • Awoken Ishida Mitsunari

  • Awoken Spica

  • Awoken Acala

  • Awoken Cronus

  • Eternal Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia

  • Fall Wind Jasper Dragon Caller, Kaede

  • Green-Horned Demon Princess, Fujin

  • Cutting-Claw Green Dragonbound, Sylvie

Light Attribute Monsters

  • Awoken Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao

  • Awoken Maeda Keiji

  • Awoken Vajrayaksa

  • Awoken Astraea

  • Tome-Creating White Phantom Demon, Ilm

  • Dawn Sky Sun Dragon Caller, Kanna

  • God Destroyer Monstrous Wolf, Fenrir Viz

  • Destroying Wing Dragon Emperor, Sherias Roots

  • Yellow-Horned Demon Princess, Raijin

  • Yog-Sothoth, The One Beyond

Dark Attribute Monsters

  • Awoken Durga

  • Awoken Lu Bu

  • Awoken Akechi Mitsuhide

  • Awoken Castor

  • Awoken Uranus

  • Hand of the Dark God, Metatron

  • Judging Scale Steel Star Goddess, Eschamali

  • Ruining Hands War Goddess, Morrigu


*If your max Stamina is less than the Stamina value required to enter the dungeon, the dungeon will not appear. Stamina overflow does not change this requirement.

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