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Light Companion Dragon Arrives!

[Duration]: 11/19 (Mon), 12:00 AM - 12/2 (Sun), 11:59 PM (PST)

The Light Companion Dragon shines its way from the heavens! This new dungeon has floors of increasing difficulty, as well as a floor with a special “Teams of 4 or less” requirement. Clearing this floor for the first time will reward players with a PreDRA!

A variety of monsters will appear in this dungeon. Light Companion Dragon, Goteene awaits players at the final floor! The boss of this dungeon possesses the same skill as Astraea. Evolving Light Companion Dragon, Goteene into Gleaming Star Companion Dragon, Goteene will change its Skill into the same one as Awoken Astraea!


*The evolution of “Light Companion Dragon, Goteene” to “Gleaming Star Companion Dragon, Goteene” results in a new Skill at Skill Level 1.

*The dungeon rewards screen must appear for the dungeon to be counted as cleared.

*Players will be awarded a first time clear Magic Stone for clearing all floors.

*The difficulty level of the “Teams of 4 or less” floor is comparable to Mythical or higher dungeons.

*Bonus reward(s) will only be distributed the first time a dungeon is cleared.

*The dungeon must be completed by 12/3 (Mon) 11:59 PM (PST) to receive the bonus reward(s). *Bonus rewards will be sent via in-game mail to the [Friend] menu’s Mail/Friend Invites screen. Rewards sent via in-game mail may take some time to receive.

*Gifts via in-game mail have expiration dates. When an in-game mail expires, attached monsters, Magic Stones, Dungeons, Coins, and any points such as Pal Points will become unredeemable. For more details on in-game mail expiration dates, see here.

*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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