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REMDra Descended! Bonus Round!

[Duration]: 1/2 (Wed) - 1/8 (Tue) (PST)


Congratulations to all of the users that participated in this event! We have achieved the 700,000 Victory Count milestone for this challenge! The one free pull at the Fest Exclusive Heroine Egg Machine has been sent to all users that qualified for this reward!


Congratulations! We have achieved the milestone for the Server-Wide REMDra Descended! Victory Count for all Egg Machine Dragons! As a bonus round, if the total number of Egg Machine Dragons defeated by all users exceeds 700,000, an additional free pull at the Fest Exclusive Heroine Egg Machine will be rewarded to all participants!

Players must defeat one type of Egg Machine Dragon to be qualified for this reward!

Please note that the reward for the 700,000 Victory Count will be sent in the later date and will not be received immediately after the Victory Count exceeds 700,000.

This is the last stretch, so start defeating those Egg Machine Dragons and get that bonus reward!

See here for details on REMDra Descended!


*Dungeon must be completed by 1/8 (Tue), 11:59 PM (PST) to have the Victory Count counted.

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