New Ultimate & Assist Evolutions!

January 25, 2019

Servant, Saber; Rin Tohsaka; and several other characters receive Ultimate Evolutions! Aspiring Hero of Justice, Shirou Emiya and Servant, Saber Alter receive Assist Evolutions!


See here for more information on the Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] Collab.






Character Details







Level Limit Breakthroughs




Aspiring Hero of Justice, Shirou Emiya

Servant, Saber

Servant, Saber Alter

Mage, Rin Tohsaka

King of Heroes, Gilgamesh

Illyasviel von Einzbern

Shinji Matou

Servant, Archer

Servant, Lancer

Servant, Berserker

Servant, Rider

Servant, Caster

Kirei Kotomine

Sakura Matou

Taiga Fujimura

Servant, Assassin

Servant, True Assassin


New Super Awakenings

*After meeting the Super Awakening conditions, one of three Super Awakening Skills will be randomly unlocked.


















*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

*If the changes are not displayed in-game, please try exiting the app completely and rebooting your device.


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