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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Collab Updates

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Collab is getting some readjustments!

To learn more about this exciting collaboration, see here.

*Kage added to the Monster Exchange*

[Starting]: 2/20 (Wed) 12:00 AM (PST)

Starting 2/20 (Wed) 12:00 AM (PST), Kage will added to the Monster Exchange! Don’t miss your chance of obtaining this powerful collab character!

See here for more details on Kage.

Kage can also perform a Level Limit Breakthrough and Super Awakening!

See here for more details.

*Kage can only be exchanged once.

*The Exuberant Youth, Sakura Kasugano Leader Skill Adjustment*

The Leader Skill of The Exuberant Youth, Sakura Kasugano has been upgraded.

See here for more details.

*The pre-evolved form of Sakura Kasugano has not been adjusted.

*Street Fighter V: AE Quest Adjustments*

Certain floors in the Street Fighter V: AE Quest no longer have the Fixed Team requirement, meaning players are free to use their own teams. The difficulty levels on these floors have also been adjusted.

*Affected Floors*

Lv6-Fixed Team

Lv5-Fixed Team

Lv4-Fixed Team

Lv3-Fixed Team

Lv2-Fixed Team

Lv1-Fixed Team


*If your max Stamina is less than the Stamina value required to enter the dungeon, the dungeon will not appear. Stamina overflow does not change this requirement.

*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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