Winter Wonderland Event

February 23, 2019



[Duration]: 2/25 (Mon), 12:00 AM  - 3/10 (Sun), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)


The Winter Wonderland Event arrives, celebrating the last few weeks of winter before we enter a new season! As we celebrate this special event in Puzzle & Dragons, you can level up your monsters with the 8x Monster Exp at select dungeons, Rank up with the 8x Rank Exp in select descended dungeons, and challenge select Technical Dungeons at 8 Stamina cost! Check below for more details on everything this event has to offer!


*Start and end times differ for select bonuses. Be sure to check their durations.


Kingtan Event Gift Dungeon

[Duration]: 2/25 (Mon) - 3/3 (Sun)



Starting 2/25 (Mon), the Event Gift Dungeon will appear each day! 3 random Kingtans, such as King Flamtan, await you in this dungeon, so clear this dungeon every day to receive a total of 7 first time clear bonus Magic Stones in addition to the 21 Kingtans that you can use to help Skill Up your monsters!


Dungeon Schedule

2/25 (Mon) - 3/3 (Sun): Daily Event Gift Dungeons with 3 random Kingtans


*One of five Kingtans will appear in each battle. They are not predetermined.

*By including a same-Attribute Kingtan in your Power-Up Fusion, the Base Monster will receive a guaranteed Skill Up for each monster that shares the same Active Skill.

*Gift dungeons can only be cleared once.


Py Event Gift Dungeon!
[Duration]: 3/4 (Mon) - 3/10 (Sun)



Starting 3/4 (Mon), the Event Gift Dungeon will appear each day! Each day will present you with a dungeon where you can obtain a Py, so clear this dungeon every day to receive a total of 7 first time clear bonus Magic Stones and 7 Pys! This is your chance to Skill Up your monsters!


Dungeon Schedule

  • 3/4 (Mon), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST): Flampy

  • 3/5 (Tue), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST): Bubpy

  • 3/6 (Wed), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST): Woodpy

  • 3/7 (Thu), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST): Shynpy

  • 3/8 (Fri), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST): Badpy

  • 3/9 (Sat), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST): Flampy

  • 3/10 (Sun), 12:00 AM (PST) - 11:59 PM (UTC-8): Bubpy


*Gift dungeons can only be cleared once.


Divine War Horse, Sleipnir Added to Monster Exchange
[Starting]: 2/25 (Mon)


 Starting 2/25 (Mon), Divine War Horse, Sleipnir will be added to the Event category of Monster Exchange! Divine War Horse, Sleipnir can perform an Assist Evolution to become Divine Guardian Horse, Sleipnir!

Use this opportunity to get your hands on this powerful monster!


Monster Details




*See the Event category in the Monster Exchange after 2/25 (Mon), 12:00 AM (PST) for full details on the exchange conditions.

*These pictures are based on when the monster levels and skill levels are Max.

*Players will receive Divine War Horse, Sleipnir in its pre-evolved form.

New Dungeons Arrive in 3-Player Multiplayer

[Duration]: 3/5 (Tue), 12:00 AM (PST) - 3/10 (Sun) 11:59 PM (UTC-8)


New Descended Dungeons arrive in 3-Player Multiplayer!

If you have a hard time beating these difficult Descended Dungeons, now your friends can help you out!


Players will receive a first time clear Magic Stone for clearing all floors in each dungeon!

Also, during the event, the new 3-Player Multiplayer dungeons will cost half their normal Stamina Cost!

Try out these dungeons in 3-Player Mode!


Dungeon Schedule

  • Multiplayer! Volsung Descended!-Special
    [Duration]: 3/5 (Tue), 12:00 AM - 3/6 (Wed) 11:59 PM (PST)

  • Multiplayer! Hermé Descended!-Dragon Enhanced
    [Duration]: 3/7 (Thu), 12:00 AM - 3/8 (Fri) 11:59 PM (PST)

  • Multiplayer! Linthia Descended!-Special
    [Duration]: 3/9 (Sat), 12:00 AM (PST) - 3/10 (Sun) 11:59 PM (UTC-8)


Spirit Jewel Rush Limited Time Availability!

[Duration]: 2/25 (Mon) - 3/3 (Sun)


 Starting 2/25 (Mon), the Limited Time Dungeon “Spirit Jewel Rush!” will be available every day for a limited time! Take advantage of this auspicious opportunity to collect Spirit Jewels!


8 Types of Latent TAMADRA Available in Monster Exchange

[Duration]: 2/25 (Mon) - 3/10 (Sun)


For the duration of the event, 8 different types of Latent TAMADRA will become available in the Monster Exchange for a limited time! Each Latent TAMADRA can only be exchanged once, so take advantage of this opportunity to unlock Latent Awakenings on your monsters! See below for the list of Latent TAMADRA that you can exchange for.


Monsters Available for Exchange

Each monster can only be exchanged for once.


Latent TAMADRA (God Killer)

Latent TAMADRA (Dragon Killer)

Latent TAMADRA (Devil Killer)

Latent TAMADRA (Machine Killer)

Latent TAMADRA (Balanced Killer)

Latent TAMADRA (Attacker Killer)

Latent TAMADRA (Physical Killer)

Latent TAMADRA (Healer Killer)


*See the Event category in the Monster Exchange after 2/25 (Mon), 12:00 AM (PST) for full details on the exchange conditions.


30 + Points Boss Drops From Select Technical Dungeons!

[Duration]: 3/4 (Mon) - 3/10 (Sun)



Starting 3/4 (Mon), players will receive 30 + Points as a drop after defeating bosses in select Technical Dungeons! Please see below for the schedule.

Dungeon Schedule

  • EX 1-1 Mechdragons’ Massive Fortress
    [Duration]: 3/4 (Mon), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • EX 1-2 Ancient Dragons’ Mystic Realm
    [Duration]: 3/5 (Tue), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • EX 1-3 Domain of the War Dragons-All Att. Req.
    [Duration]: 3/6 (Wed), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • EX 1-4 Dragon Knight Sanctuary-No Dupes
    [Duration]: 3/7 (Thu), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • EX 1-5 Mystic Dragon Historic Site
    [Duration]: 3/8 (Fri), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • EX 1-6 Pirate Dragon’s Hidden Grotto
    [Duration]: 3/9 (Sat), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • EX 1-7 Flower Dragons’ Garden-No RCV
    EX 1-8 Insect Dragons’ Swarmed Paths
    [Duration]: 3/10 (Sun), 12:00 AM (PST) - 3/10 (Sun) 11:59 PM (UTC-8)


*The Technical Dungeons listed above will be unlocked after clearing the Technical Dungeon 2-11 Mythic Stone Dragon Cave.


8 Stamina in Select Technical Dungeons!

[Duration]: 2/25 (Mon) - 3/10 (Sun)


 For the duration of the event, select Technical Dungeons will cost 8 Stamina!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity!



1-1 Fertile Land

1-2 Ice Maze

1-3 Blazing Highway

1-4 Faithless Temple with No Name

1-5 Twilight Woods

1-6 Castle of Satan in the Abyss

1-7 Shrine of Green Water

1-8 Shrine of Liquid Flame

1-9 Shrine of Blazing Woods

1-10 Temple of Trailokya

2-1 Hypno Forest

2-2 Creek of Neleus

2-3 Hemera Volcanic Belt

2-4 Aither Desert

2-5 Talos's Abyss

2-6 Hill of Iris's Rainbow

2-7 Forbidden Tower-Awoken Skills Invalid

2-8 Tower of Windy Woods-No RCV/Wood Enhanced

2-9 Tower of Ice Water-No RCV/Water Enhanced

2-10 Tower of Blazing Fire-No RCV/Fire Enhanced

2-11 Mythic Stone Dragon Cave

3-1 Alt. Castle of Satan in Abyss-No Dupes

3-2 Alt. Shrine of Green Water-No Dupes

3-3 Alt. Shrine of Liquid Flame-No Dupes

3-4 Alt. Shrine of Blazing Woods-No Dupes

3-5 Alt. Temple of Trailokya-No Dupes

3-6 Alt. Hypno Forest-No Dupes

3-7 Alt. Creek of Neleus-No Dupes

3-8 Alt. Hemera Volcanic Belt-No Dupes

3-9 Alt. Aither Desert-No Dupes

3-10 Alt. Talos's Abyss-No Dupes


8x Monster EXP in Select Dungeons!

[Duration]: 2/25 (Mon) - 3/1 (Fri)


 Starting from 2/25 (Mon), the amount of Monster EXP earned upon clearing the select Dungeons listed below will be increased to 8x!

Use this opportunity to check out these dungeons!


  • Monday: Metal Dragon Infestation!

  • Tuesday: Ruby Dragon Infestation!

  • Wednesday: Sapphire Dragon Infestation!

  • Thursday: Emerald Dragon Infestation!

  • Friday: Gold Dragon Infestation!


*This bonus does not apply to dungeons received through in-game mail.

*Monster Exp can only be obtained by clearing on Solo mode.

*8x bonus will be applied to the standard Exp earned in these dungeon.

*In order to receive Monster EXP, Monster Leveling must be turned On from the Options screen of the Others menu.


8x Rank EXP in Select Descended Dungeon
[Duration]: 2/25 (Mon) - 3/3 (Sun)


 Starting 2/25 (Mon), select Descended Dungeons will provide 8x Rank Experience!  

Take this chance to earn experience and Rank Up!


Dungeon Schedule

  • Diagoldos Descended!
    [Duration]: 2/25 (Mon), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • Heracles Descended!
    [Duration]: 2/26 (Tue), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • Dragon Zombie Descended!-Dragon Enhanced
    [Duration]: 2/27 (Wed), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • Hera-Ur Descended!
    [Duration]: 2/28 (Thu), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • Great Tengu Descended!-Balanced Enhanced
    [Duration]: 3/1 (Fri), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • Takeminakata Descended!-No Wd/Dk
    [Duration]: 3/2 (Sat), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)

  • Hera-Beorc Descended!
    [Duration]: 3/3 (Sun), 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM (PST)


5x Rank EXP in Multiplayer Ultimate Arena-No Continues

[Duration]: 3/4 (Mon) - 3/10 (Sun)


 Starting on 3/4 (Mon), the 3-Player Multiplayer dungeon, Multiplayer Ultimate Arena-No Continues, will have a 5x Rank Experience bonus! Use this opportunity to stock up on Experience and raise your Rank!


Experience of a Lifetime

[Duration]: 2/25 (Mon) - 3/10 (Sun)

 Starting 2/25 (Mon), Experience of a Lifetime returns! This dungeon will appear once during this event. Clear this dungeon for a massive Rank Experience gain and a Magic Stone!


*This dungeon can only be cleared once.


Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri Dungeon Renewal! All-Days Dungeon Arrives!


Did you enjoy the Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri Dungeon’s jam-packed lineup of an assortment of Daily Dungeons? The new All-Days Dungeon includes all floors from the Tues-Wed-Thurs-Fri Dungeon, Monday Dungeon, and Weekend Dungeon! Don’t miss this opportunity to collect Evo Materials, Rank EXP, and Coins to make your monsters more powerful!


See below for the dates this dungeon will be active.

  • 3/2 (Sat) - 3/3 (Sun)

  • 3/9 (Sat) - 3/10 (Sun)


6x Skill Up & Fusion Bonus

[Duration]: 2/25 (Mon) - 3/10 (Sun)



For the duration of this event, a 6x chance for Skill Ups and ‘GREAT!’ or ‘SUPER!!’ monster EXP gain will be available!



*Dungeons featured in this event that the player does not meet the stamina requirements for will not be displayed in the Special Dungeons menu. Stamina overflow does not change this requirement.

*Technical Dungeons are available after reaching Rank 10.

*Gifts via in-game mail have expiration dates. When an in-game mail expires, attached monsters, Magic Stones, Dungeons, Coins, and any points such as Pal Points will become unredeemable.

For more details on in-game mail expiration dates, see here.
*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

*Events subject to change without notice or compensation - see event policy here.



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