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Official Puzzle & Dragons Twitch Stream

[Starting]: 5/23 (Thu), 6:00 PM (PDT)

The Puzzle & Dragons stream is back for another round of festivities! Tune in to the stream and join Mr. Tama and his reflective shades for an intense evening of puzzles, dungeons, and so much more!

We have some exciting content in store, and amazing announcements that will be worth your while!


May Twitch Stream Challenger Wanted!

For those that are brave enough to withstand the pressure, the Puzzle & Dragons team is recruiting one challenger to join forces with the GungHo staff to go up against the May Twitch Stream Challenge!

Players may submit their Player Names and Player IDs via our submission website available here:

*Entries must be submitted by 5/21 (Tue), 12:00 PM (PDT). Please check your local time zone to make sure entries are submitted on time.

For this challenge, one player will be randomly selected from the submission and announced during our Twitch livestream. One of the GungHo staff members will send a friend request in-game. If the player accepts the friend request, that player will be eligible to participate in an Annihilation-level Multiplayer Descended Challenge on stream! If the challengers are able to clear the challenge, all players will receive awesome rewards! However, if a player continues during the challenge, a small portion of the rewards will be lost. We strongly urge our guest challenger not to continue. On the upside, if all players are able to clear the dungeon without any continues, a bonus reward will be sent to all players! Please be aware that if there is a connection issue during the Multiplayer challenge, the dungeon may be restarted, or the challenge may be deemed a failed attempt. We highly recommend players participate in the challenge from an environment that has a strong and stable connection.

*For this Descended Challenge, please refrain from continuing if you are defeated during the dungeon and the remaining players will attempt to clear the dungeon for maximum reward.

Notes: *This challenge is subject to GungHo Online Entertainment America’s event policy. Submissions are valid and judged solely at the discretion of GungHo Online Entertainment America and its employees. *By submitting an entry to this challenge, you agree to all contents of this page. *In the case that any information entered was incorrect upon submitting an entry, it may be disqualified from the challenge. *The details and conditions stated on this page may be subject to change without notice or compensation. *For more details on our event policy, see here.

Sound interesting? We’re definitely gung-ho about the stream! Catch the action and follow us over at!

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