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Ver. 17.1 Update!

Ver. 17.1 has arrived with more viewable details on dungeon drops, new Awoken Skills, and so much more!

Details of Dungeon Drops Displayed

Tapping and holding a monster icon that drops from a dungeon on the dungeon floor screen will now display details of the dropped monster.

Sort Options Updated

Selecting Same Leaders as your Sort option will display the monsters that are the same as a player’s current leader and the same leaders that match every Team a player has set.

New Awoken Skills

New Awoken Skills have been added.

*The effects of these Awoken Skills will only be applied to the monster that has the Awoken Skill.

Awoken Skill Name Adjustments

Select Awoken Skills and Latent Awoken Skills such as Enhanced Recovery and Improved Attack+ have had adjustments to their names and skill explanations.

Awoken Skill Name Changes

Enhanced Heal > Enhanced Recovery

Enhanced Team RCV > Enhanced Team Recovery

Latent Awoken Skill Name Changes

Improved Healing > Improved Recovery

Auto-Heal > Auto-Recover

All Stats Enhanced > All Stats Improved

Improved ATK+ > Improved Attack+

Improved RCV+ > Improved Recovery+

Orb Skin Adjustments

The Orb Skin name for [Greco-Roman Orbs] has been changed to [Greco-Roman Gods Orbs].

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements

Bug fixes and other adjustments have been implemented to improve overall player experience.


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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