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Notice Regarding Ranking Dungeon - The Ideal Tournament’s Temporary Unavailability

We have determined that certain crucial information was left out of the announcement regarding the Ranking Dungeon - The Ideal Tournament, leading to an unbalanced tournament.

In The Ideal Tournament and the future Ranking Dungeons, skills such as “Orb Refresh” that refresh the board will affect the final score differently.

In Ranking Dungeons, activating a skill such as “Orb Refresh” that refreshes the board will count as a turn, regardless of the Orbs being matched or the enemies being defeated. This may affect your Average Combo score in Ranking Dungeons.

As such, Ranking Dungeon – The Ideal Tournament will be temporarily unavailable from June 17th (Mon), 6:47 PM (UTC-8) until further notice.

◆Once Ranking Dungeon – The Ideal Tournament becomes unavailable, trying to enter the dungeon will cause an error.

Please refrain from entering the Ranking Dungeon until further notice.

We will hold the same Ranking Dungeon on a later date that includes the omitted information in the announcement. We thank you for your patience.

Moreover, please understand that all scores that have been recorded up to this point will be reset when the dungeon becomes available again.

We will announce the compensation regarding this issue once it has been determined.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

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