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7th Anniversary Celebration Special Event Dungeon Arrives Every Day!

[Duration]: 11/28 (Thu) 12:00 AM - 12/1 (Sun), 11:59 PM (PST)

Beginning on 11/28(Thu), a Special Event Dungeon will be available each day for a limited 4-day period as a way for us to give our thanks to everyone that’s enjoying Puzzle & Dragons!

Players can clear this Solo-Only dungeon each day to earn themselves a 7-Year Anniversary TAMADRA! Additionally, players will earn a Magic Stone for clearing each one! Complete the dungeon every day to earn a total of 4 7-Year Anniversary TAMADRA and 4 Magic Stones!

7-Year Anniversary TAMADRA Details The 7-Year Anniversary TAMADRA will award 7,000,000 Monster EXP when it’s used in Power Up Fusion to power up another monster! Alternatively, players can sell them for 700,000 coins and 70,000 Monster Points!

*Each dungeon can only be cleared once.

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