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Official Puzzle & Dragons Twitch Stream

[Starting]: 2/20 (Thu), 5:00 PM (PST) (*Click here to see when 5:00 PM (PST) is in your time zone.)

The Puzzle & Dragons team welcomes you to join us on an exciting livestream! Come hang out with GungHo Kenji and GungHo David! We would love to see you in chat!

Stream Challenge returns with GungHo Kenji, GungHo David, and GungHo Sam with 2 different ways to challenge the dungeons!

Also, for the first time, stream rewards won’t only depend on the hosts - we invite everyone to come participate in a stream-wide challenge to win special prizes for the server! Everyone is welcome, so invite your friends to watch the stream!

There are amazing events in progress, and if you’d like to hear about them, don’t miss this super chill Puzzle & Dragons Livestream!

Sound interesting? We’re definitely gung-ho about the stream! Catch the action and follow us over at!

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