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101 Magic Stones When You Log In!

Spring Forward with these Magic Stones!

The Puzzle & Dragons Team would like to thank everyone for playing Puzzle & Dragons. To show our appreciation to everyone, we’d like to present all Puzzle & Dragons players with 101 Magic Stones for the month of March, distributed in two parts!

Simply log in during the distribution periods listed below, and you’ll be able to claim these Magic Stones from your in-game mail, so don’t forget to log in during the month of March!

Distribution Periods:

  • 51 Magic Stones 3/1 (Sun) 4:00 AM (PST) - 3/16 (Mon) 3:59 AM (UTC-8)

  • 50 Magic Stones 3/16 (Mon) 4:00 AM - 4/1 (Wed) 3:59 AM (UTC-8)

*Login Bonuses can only be claimed once per each period listed above. *To receive Login Bonuses, players must have available space in their in-game mail.

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