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Play Select Dungeons at 0 Stamina Cost for a Limited Time!

[Duration]: 5/1 (Fri), 12:00 AM - 5/31 (Sun), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)

The #stayhome initiative continues!

In our continued effort to help encourage our players to #stayhome during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we’re renewing our previous 0 Stamina Cost for Select Dungeons bonus for the entire month of May!

Enjoy puzzling to your hearts’ content while doing your part to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

Select Dungeons:

  • Normal Dungeons [1-1: Departure Tower] - [3-8: Starlight Sanctuary]

  • Technical Dungeons [1-1: Fertile Land] - [2-10: Tower of Blazing Fire-No RCV/Fire Enhanced]

  • Technical Dungeons [EX 1-1: Mechdragons’ Massive Fortress] - [EX 1-8: Insect Dragons’ Swarmed Paths]

Note: *Players or their friends will not earn Pal Points or Multiplayer Bonus Pal Points from dungeons included in the 0 Stamina Cost event. *Technical Dungeons are available after reaching Rank 10. *Multiplayer Mode is unlocked after reaching a certain Rank. *Magic Stones cannot be purchased to continue after a Game Over in Multiplayer Mode. (This applies to both 2-Player Mode and 3-Player Mode.)

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