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New Super Reincarnated Evolution!

Reincarnated Astaroth has received a new Super Reincarnated Evolution! Additionally, she has received upgrades as well.

★New Gem coming to the Monster Exchange! [Starting]: 6/6 (Sat), 12:00 AM (UTC-8) With the introduction of Beleth Descended!-No Skyfall Combos, Ascendant Demon King of Conflict, Beleth’s Gem will be available in the Monster Exchange. Players will need this Gem to evolve Reincarnated Astaroth into her Super Reincarnation Evolution, Super Reincarnated Astaroth.

For details on this new Descended Dungeon, please see here.



Notes: *All stats shown are when monsters are at Lv. Max, and Skill Lv. Max. *All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary. *If the changes are not displayed in-game, please try exiting the app completely and rebooting your device.

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