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P&D Pass Arrives!

Perk Details Special Bonus #1: New P&D Pass Exclusive Dungeon every day!

During the subscription period, each day will feature a different P&D Dungeon players can clear for a variety of rewards! In addition to the first-time clear Magic Stone and dungeon drops, some dungeons feature other enticing rewards, including a pull from the Godfest Egg Machine, + Points, and more!

On top of that, select P&D Pass dungeons will level up as you clear them, and further tiers of these dungeons will offer increased awards, including improvements to the Godfest Egg Machine lineup!

Attention! Earn a pull from the Godfest Egg Machine each time you clear the 1st of the Month Dungeon! Clearing this dungeon every month will level the dungeon up, with the 5th clear of the 1st of the Month Dungeon rewarding a pull from the Godfest Egg Machine - Tier 5! Not only that, but each following clear of the 1st of the Month Dungeon will reward you with a pull from the Godfest Egg Machine - Tier 5 as a reward!

Special Bonus #2: 5 Additional Team Slots

During the subscription period, you will unlock 5 additional team slots! Enjoy extra space to test new Leaders, or create specialized teams to take on tougher dungeon challenges!

Special Bonus #3: 5% Bonus to Rank EXP

You will earn 5% bonus Rank EXP when clearing solo-only dungeons!

Special Bonus #4: Obtain Descended Monsters and Evolution Materials!

P&D Pass subscribers will gain unlimited, 24-hour access to the All Days Dungeon, as well as the Descended Series dungeons, which collect multiple Descended Dungeons together into a single dungeon! Collect valuable Descended Dungeon monster drops and Evolution materials whenever you want!

Dungeon Features

  • The All-Days Dungeon and Descended Series dungeons are solo-play only.

  • All-Days Dungeon and Descended Series dungeons will not award a first time clear bonus Magic Stone.

  • All floors of the Descended Series dungeons cost 50 Stamina to enter.

  • The Descended Series dungeons are separated by difficulty. Please check in-game to see details for each dungeon, including which monsters appear in which dungeons.

Descended Series Dungeons and Floors

Descended Series-Absolute Annihilation

  • Knights Descended!-Supergravity/All Att. Req. *After the maintenance beginning 6/26 (UTC-8)

  • Ragnarok Dragon Descended!-Superaltitude/No Dupes *After the maintenance beginning 6/26 (UTC-8)

Descended Series-Extreme Annihilation

  • Mut Descended!

  • Khonsu Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Amen Descended! Ratatoskr Descended!

  • Legarovan Descended!

  • Apophis Descended!

  • Reincarnated Rushana Descended!

  • Irene Descended!

  • Hoppo Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Jurond Descended!

Descended Series-Annihilation 2 Floors

  • Ra Dragon Descended!-Assists Invalid

  • Shiva Dragon Descended!-Assists Invalid

  • Tsukuyomi Dragon Desc.!-Assists Invalid

  • Reinc. Dracoblader Desc.!-Assists/Latents Invalid

  • Mega Awoken Athena Descended!-Assists Invalid

  • Odin Dragon Descended!-Assists Invalid

  • Neptune Dragon Descended!-Assists Invalid

  • Bull Demon King Descended!

  • Scathach Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Gawain Descended!

  • Zelenbus Descended!

  • Pixel Valkyrie Descended!

  • Beleth Descended!-No Skyfall Combos

  • Nimue Descended!

  • Raziel Descended!-No Skyfall Combos/Skills Invalid/7x6 Board

  • Pixel Zeus & Hera Descended!

  • Vidar Descended!-Assists Invalid

  • Jabberwock Descended!

  • Senri Descended!

Descended Series-Annihilation 1 Floors

  • Brahma Descended!

  • Dorothy Descended!

  • Eris Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Reiwa Descended!

  • Scheherazade Descended!

  • Qilin Descended!

  • Libertas Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Zahhak Descended!-No Skyfall Combos

  • Quetzalcoatl Descended!-No Dupes

  • Myne Descended!

  • Lindworm Descended!

  • Nidhogg Descended!

  • Hexazeon Descended!

  • Sól & Máni Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Eir Descended!-No Skyfall Combos

  • Panera Descended!

  • Kurogane Maru Descended!-No Skyfall Combos

  • Gilles Legato Descended!

  • Rushana Descended!-No Dupes

  • Demonius Descended!-All Att. Req.

Descended Series-Mythical Plus Floors

  • Design Contest Dungeon!

  • Hermé Descended!-Dragon Enhanced

  • Myr Descended!-Special

  • Gainaut Descended!-Special

  • Linthia Descended!-Special

  • Volsung Descended!-Special

  • Scarlet Descended!-Special

  • Nordis Descended!-Special

  • Zaerog∞ Descended!-Special

Descended Series-Legend Plus Floors

  • Moby Dick Descended!-Orb move time 4 sec

  • Bigfoot Descended!-7x6 Board

  • Manticore Descended!-Devil Enhanced

  • Enoch Descended!

  • Azazel Descended!

  • Titania Descended!

  • Ras Descended!

  • Serket Descended!

  • Kuramitsuha Descended!-No Skyfall Combos

  • Mion Descended!

  • Khepri Descended!-Orb move time 4 sec

  • Cosmo Crusader Descended!-No RCV

  • Liberty Geist Descended!

  • Star Justice Descended!-All Att. Req.

  • Agni Descended!

Descended Series-Legend to Mythical Floors

  • Mythical Rush 10

  • Mythical Rush 9

  • Mythical Rush 8

  • Mythical Rush 7

  • Mythical Rush 6

  • Mythical Rush 5

  • Mythical Rush 4

  • Mythical Rush 3

  • Mythical Rush 2

  • Mythical Rush 1

  • Legend Rush 2

  • Legend Rush 1

All-Days Dungeon Floors

  • (Monday) Iron Strength Plaza-Legend

  • (Monday) Iron Strength Plaza-Expert

  • (Tuesday) Keeper of the Gold-Mythical

  • (Tuesday) Keeper of the Rainbow-Master

  • (Tuesday) Keeper of the Green-Expert

  • (Tuesday) Keeper of the Blue-Expert

  • (Tuesday) Keeper of the Red-Expert

  • (Wednesday) Room of the Sacred Mask-Legend

  • (Wednesday) Room of the Mask-Expert

  • (Wednesday) Room of the Mask

  • (Thursday) Cave of Dreaming-Mythical

  • (Thursday) Green Dragon's Den-Int

  • (Friday) Sky Prison-Mythical

  • (Friday) Shrine of Spirits-Expert

  • (Friday) Shrine of Spirits-Int

  • (Saturday) Road to Evolution-Annihilation

  • (Saturday) Road to Evolution-Master

  • (Saturday) Road to Evolution-Expert

  • (Sunday) Tricolor Dungeon-Legend

  • (Sunday) Tricolor Dungeon-Master

  • (Sunday) Tricolor Dungeon-Expert

  • (Sunday) Tricolor Dungeon-Int

  • (Sunday) Tricolor Dungeon-Novice


*The above dungeons will become available as soon as a P&D Pass subscription becomes active.

*The dungeons listed here will not award a first-time clear bonus Magic Stone

*Clearing any of the Descended Series dungeons will not fulfill the clear conditions for the [Descended] series of achievements under the [Achievements] menu.

*If the player does not meet the Stamina requirement to enter the dungeon, the dungeon will not be displayed under Special Dungeons. Stamina overflow does not change this requirement.

Special Bonus #5: Badge that extends Orb move time by 3 seconds!

If the P&D Pass subscription is active, the Unlimited Max Team Cost Badge will turn into a P&D Pass Exclusive Badge that will extend Orb move time by 3 seconds.

*If a dungeon has a Special Rule that affects Orb move time and/or a Team Cost limit, the Special Rule will have priority over the Badge effect.

*If a Leader Skill has a Orb move time limitation on a team, the Leader Skill will have priority over the Badge effect.

*The badge will only have it’s Unlimited Max Team Cost effect effective in 2-Player Mode.

Terms and Conditions P&D Pass This is a monthly, automatically-renewing subscription service available for $8.99 USD ($11.99 CAD) that features a variety of special unlocks and bonuses. The subscription renews every month before it expires, unless cancelled prior to its automatic renewal. Once purchased, the subscription period will be valid for one full month. The P&D Pass is available on iOS and Android (Google Play Store).

Free Trial Players can try out all the special P&D Pass perks and bonuses for one week, free of charge.

*Players who wish to end the free trial and avoid being charged will need to make sure to cancel their free trial at least 24 hours prior to the end of the free trial period. *If you wish to cancel, please aim to do so when the P&D Pass screen shows [2 days remaining], at the latest. *You will still be automatically charged for a month of P&D Pass if you cancel your subscription after the end of the free trial period.

Automatic Renewal Players do not need to manually re-subscribe to the P&D Pass at the end of each subscription period. To cancel the automatic renewal, you will need to cancel your subscription. Please be sure to cancel the subscription at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. *If you wish to cancel, please aim to do so when the Pass screen shows [2 days remaining], at the latest. Uninstalling Puzzle & Dragons or making changes to your Apple ID/Google Account will not automatically cancel your subscription.

Cancelling Your Subscription You may cancel their P&D Pass or free trial by following the steps outlined below. *Players who wish to cancel their subscription and avoid being charged will need to make sure to cancel their subscription at least 24 hours prior to the end of the subscription period. *If you wish to cancel, please aim to do so when the Pass screen shows [2 days remaining], at the latest.

To cancel your subscription, go to: Shop>P&D Pass and tap the ‘Cancel P&D Pass’ button at the bottom of the page.

iOS Launch the [App Store] app and tap the icon on the top right-hand corner. ⇒Tap [Subscriptions] ⇒Tap [Puzzle & Dragons] - [P&D Pass] ⇒Tap [Cancel Subscription] to cancel your subscription.

*The instructions may differ from the steps listed above for different versions of the OS. If you cannot follow the steps above, please try the steps listed below. If this does not work, please refer to the Apple Support page to cancel your subscription.

Launch the [App Store] app ⇒Tap the [Recommendations] tab in the App Store ⇒Tap [Apple ID] at the bottom of the tab ⇒Tap [Display Apple ID] ⇒Tap [Subscriptions] ⇒Tap [Puzzle & Dragons] - [P&D Pass] ⇒Tap [Cancel Subscription]

See or cancel your subscriptions - Apple Support

Android (Google Play Store) Launch the [Play Store] app, and from the [≡] side menu, tap [Subscriptions]. *If you do not see a [Subscriptions] menu option, select [Account] from the [≡] side menu, and tap [Subscriptions] ⇒Tap [Puzzle & Dragons] on the [Subscriptions] menu. ⇒On the [Manage Subscriptions] page, tap [Cancel subscription]

Cancel, pause, or change a subscription on Google Play - Google Play Help

*The perks and bonuses for P&D Pass will be effective until 3:59 AM (UTC-8) of the day following your cancellation.

Further Details:

  • The purchase of the P&D Pass can only be applied to one Puzzle & Dragons account.

  • If you have previously purchased the P&D Pass via different Apple ID/Google Account, please cancel your previous subscription before purchasing a new subscription. The previous subscription will not cancel automatically.

  • The subscription will be charged to your Apple ID/Google Account. Any questions or concerns relating to billing or the subscription period should be directed to your storefront’s support resources.

  • We are unable to provide any refund or payment cancellation to individuals that have purchased multiple P&D Pass subscriptions on different Apple ID/Google Account for the same Puzzle & Dragons account.

  • We are unable to provide any refunds, payment cancellations, or subscription period extensions for any other circumstances, except in circumstances where law and regulations deem otherwise.

See here for P&D Pass frequently asked questions:

Note: All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

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