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8 Magic Stones! Super Witches Godfest

[Duration]: 7/31 (Fri), 12:00 AM - 8/2 (Sun), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)

Spend 8 Magic Stones to pull from this Super Godfest! This Super Godfest lineup will include a lineup of powerful Great Witch Fest Exclusives including Great Witch of the Deep Forest, Aljae, and Great Witch of the Mirrored Hall, Nelle, as well as other Fest Exclusive monsters such as Thunder Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney!

Samurai Series 3 monsters such as Tokugawa Ieyasu and Masamune Date are included in the lineup as well!

Many of the monsters featured in this Super Godfest including Coiled Cipher Dragon Caller, Ney and Violent Tiger God, Takeda Shingen have recently received Upgrades as well!

See here for more details about these new Evolutions & Upgrades:

All the monsters that players pull from this Super Godfest will arrive at Max Level, Fully Awakened, and +297 (+99 HP, +99 ATK, +99 RCV)!

Make sure to pull from this Super Godfest before it’s gone!

*Monsters received will not have Level Limit Breakthroughs or Super Awakenings unlocked.

Be sure to check the contents of the Godfest by pressing the “Lineup” button from the Machine menu, starting on 7/31 (Fri), 12:00 AM (UTC-8)!

Notes: *We recommend that players check the lineup before pulling at the Godfest. *If the Magic Stones do not appear immediately after purchase, please give it some time and try rebooting your device. *During Godfests, our Magic Stone purchase volume is greatly increased. Because of this, some users may experience issues such as delays in receiving Magic Stones or cases where Magic Stones do not show up at all. To avoid potential issues, please try to purchase Magic Stones ahead of time. For more details, see here:

Skill Leveling Dungeon Arrives! [Duration]: 7/31 (Fri), 12:00 AM - 8/2 (Sun), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)

Skill Up the monsters from the 8 Magic Stones! Super Witches Godfest in the new Skill Leveling Dungeon!

Notes: *The Skill Leveling Dungeon is equivalent to a Normal Dungeon and may only be played in Solo play. *In order to skill up in a dungeon, Monster Leveling must be turned On from the Options screen of the Others menu. *If your max Stamina is less than the Stamina value required to enter the dungeon, the dungeon will not appear. Stamina overflow does not change this requirement.

Select Monsters Available at the Monster Exchange [Duration]: 7/31 (Fri), 12:00 AM - 8/2 (Sun), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)

During this 8 Magic Stones! Super Witches Godfest, players can exchange for Latent TAMADRA (Extra Slot) and 2 Event Medal - Rainbow in the Monster Exchange!

Additionally with the latest Upgrades, players will be able to exchange select Fest Exclusives monsters that have undergone their Reincarnation Evolution for their newly-upgraded Pre-Evolution forms, including Awoken Phantom God, Odin and Eternal Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia.

Limited Monster Exchange Lineup Latent TAMADRA (Extra Slot) (One-Time Only) 2x Event Medal - Rainbow (One-Time Only) Awoken Phantom God, Odin Awoken Deity Odin Endless Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia Eternal Jade Dragon Caller, Sonia

Note: *Latent TAMADRA (Extra Slot) can only be exchanged for once, and the 2 Event Medal - Rainbow can each be exchanged for once. *See the Event category in the Monster Exchange after 7/31 (Fri), 12:00 AM (UTC-8) for full details on the exchange conditions. *The Fest Exclusive monsters included in this limited-time lineup will arrive at Lv.1, +0 and Unawakened when exchanged.

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