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New Upgrades & Evolutions

The Monster Hunter™ collab returns to Puzzle & Dragons, and new upgrades & evolutions for collab monsters arrive! New monster, Safi’jiiva has received 2 Assist Evolutions, and monsters including Velkhana and Nergigante have received new evolutions! Finally, select monsters have been given upgrades as well!



Level Limit Breakthrough & Super Awakenings

Level Limit Breakthrough Stat Upgrades and Latent Awoken Skills Slots Added For the monsters listed below, the stats will be upgraded after a Level Limit Breakthrough. Additionally, a Latent Awoken Skill Slot (max. 7 or 8 slots) will be added when a Power Up Fusion is performed with Latent TAMADRA (Extra Slot)!

Notes: *All stats shown are when monsters are at Lv. Max. *All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary. *If the changes are not displayed in-game, please try exiting the app completely and rebooting your device. *The Leader Skill of Latent TAMADRA (Extra Slot) does not mention the Monster Hunter™ monsters, but when fused, it will add a Latent Awoken Skill Slot (max. 8 slots) *To perform a Power Up Fusion with the Latent TAMADRA (Extra Slot), go to Extra Enhancements > Latent Awakening.


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