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8-Player Mode (PvP) Event Dungeon PAD Academy Yog-Sothoth Cup Arrives!

[Duration]: 6/16, 18:00 - 7/15, 23:59 (UTC-8)

The 8-Player Mode (PvP) Event Dungeon, PAD Academy Yog-Sothoth Cup arrives!

Depending on the earned EP, players can receive up to 15 Magic Stones!

Additionally, the PAD Academy Yog-Sothoth Cup will grant 2x the BP when cleared!

Receive Achievement Rewards As Well!

Players who earn 2,000 EP can receive rewards such as Event Medal - Rainbow as Achievement Rewards!

PAD Academy Yog-Sothoth Cup Added to the Legacy Event Dungeon!

[Starting]: 6/16, 18:00 (UTC-8)

The PAD Academy Yog-Sothoth Cup floor will be identical to the Auto-Match version of the PAD Academy Yog-Sothoth Cup, so get together with friends to challenge this dungeon! 


*EP Rewards will be sent via in-game mail. It may take some time for the in-game mail to show up in the inbox.   

See here for more information on Achievement Rewards for 8-Player Multiplayer: 

*To receive EP, players will need to enter the Event Dungeon via Auto-Match.  

*EP will not be obtainable through Room Matches.

*BP/EP will not be obtainable from matches resulting in a Game Over or a score of 0.

*EP Rewards will be obtainable until 3:59 of the following day of the specified duration.  

*The maximum BP and EP a player can have is 999,999,999. Players will not be able to receive BP and EP beyond this limit.

*EP will reset after every event. Points will not be carried over into the next event. 

*When unauthorized activity is confirmed, actions may be taken to prevent further tampering or unauthorized activity, such as account suspensions.

*EP will not be obtainable in the Legacy Event Dungeon.

*The BP multiplier bonus will not be available in the Legacy Event Dungeon.

*The Legacy Event Dungeon will not reward first-time clear Magic Stones.


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