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Amakozumi available at the Monster Exchange for a Limited Time!

[Duration]: After the maintenance beginning on 12/15 (Tue) - 1/31/2021 (Sun), 11:59 PM (PST)

For a limited time, Amakozumi will be available for a one-time only exchange of 3x Event Medal - Rainbow in the Monster Exchange!

Coinciding with Amakozumi’s availability in the Monster Exchange, a special 2 Magic Stones + Event Medal - Rainbow Set will be available to purchase in the Shop for a limited time as well!

For more information on the One-Time Bargain Set, see here:


*Check the [Event] tab of the Monster Exchange for more details.

*Amakozumi will only be available to exchange once.

*The 2 Magic Stones + Event Medal - Rainbow set will not be available for purchase on Fire Tablet devices.

*When purchasing the bundle it will be displayed as “2 Magic Stones & Set G”.


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