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Halloween Special Dungeon 2 Choices! Trick or Treat Arrives!

[Duration]: 10/29, 0:00 - 11/1, 23:59 (UTC-8)

For a limited time, the Halloween-themed Special Dungeon, 2 Choices! Trick or Treat will be available!

Only one of two floors can be cleared, so make sure to check what each floor offers as first-time clear rewards before challenging this dungeon!

First-Time Clear Rewards

Trick… Event Medal - Rainbow, Diamond Dragon Fruit, Ancient Tri-God Mask

Treat… 2x Halloween Treat Bag - Rainbow, 5x PAD Halloween Lollipop

Enjoy Puzzle & Dragons this Halloween!


*2 Choices! Trick or Treat is a Solo-Play Only dungeon.

*Once a floor from 2 Choices! Trick or Treat is cleared, the dungeon will disappear. Players can only receive clear rewards from the floor they cleared.


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