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Major Updates in the Last 3 Years

Puzzle & Dragons has added tons of features and updates in the last 3 years. Below are a few tips & tricks we think will benefit both new and returning players!

Monster Enhance is Easier and Can Make Monsters Stronger!

Convenient functions such as enhancing monsters all at once or making monsters even stronger using Super Level Limit Breakthrough has been updated!

[Max Enhance] is Super Handy! 

Max Enhance is a function that allows players to enhance their monsters all at once to Max Level, Max Skill Level, Super Level Limit Breakthrough, and more.

Players can perform Max Enhancement by following the steps below:

  • [Monster Box] or [Edit Team] > Tap the chosen monster > select [Enhance] > [Max Enhance] button.

  • [Monster Box] or [Edit Team] > Press and hold the chosen monster > choose [Max Enhance] button from the Monster Details screen.

Use EXP Stock to Level Up with Max Enhance 

EXP Stock is required to perform Max Enhancement.

Players can receive EXP Stock by selling monsters or clearing dungeons.

Select Monsters Can Perform Super Level Limit Breakthrough! 

Monsters that have performed Super Level Limit Breakthrough can:

  • Reach up to Lv.120

  • Be granted exclusive Latent Awakening Skills

  • Increase damage capacity using select Latent Awakening Skills

Available Latent Awakening Skills

Available Latent Awakening Skills with Damage Capacity Multiplier

[Monster Search] is Super Handy! 

The Monster Search allows players to search monsters by monster name, Skill name, Skill description, collabs, and more!

The Monster Search feature can be found under [Others] or from the [Web] button.

Normal and Technical Dungeons Have Been Updated!

For players who have cleared the Normal Dungeons in the past, the Normal Dungeons’ clear status has been reset and Magic Stones can be collected as first-time clear rewards again.

Additionally, extravagant rewards such as 10,000 Monster Points are available as first-clear rewards for Technical Dungeons!

Check out other Dungeon renewal details here:

Watch In-App Videos to Get Useful Functions!

3 useful functions have been added when watching in-app videos!

Check out more details on watching in-app videos by following the links below!

Perfect for Puzzle Practice! Play Story Dungeons!

Story Dungeons have Puzzle & Dragons monsters as the main character of a story and are only playable with Fixed Teams.

Players can receive rewards such as 100 Magic Stones for clearing Sonia’s Chapter.

*Clear Rewards can only be obtained once.  

*Odin’s Chapter, The Four Guardians: Haku’s Chapter, and The Great Witches: Zela’s Chapter will be available upon clearing Sonia’s Chapter. Thereafter, the next Story Dungeon will be available upon clearing each dungeon for the first time.

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Let’s Play 4-Player Mode (PvP)!

See here for information on how to play 4-Player Mode (PvP):


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