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Mysterious Visitors Returns!

[Duration]: 12/7 (Mon), 12:00 AM - 12/20 (Sun), 11:59 PM (PST)

The special dungeon Mysterious Visitors returns to Puzzle & Dragons for a limited time to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Puzzle & Dragons on Android devices!

Monsters such as Puzzdroid, 5 variations of Py, Rainbowpy, and 8-Year Anniversary TAMADRA will appear in the dungeon! In addition, players will receive 888 + Points via in-game mail when the dungeon is cleared!


*This dungeon can only be cleared once.

*Dungeons featured in this event that the player does not meet the Stamina requirements for will not be displayed in the Special Dungeons menu. Stamina overflow does not change this requirement.

*Gifts via in-game mail have expiration dates. When an in-game mail expires, attached monsters, Magic Stones, Dungeons, Coins, and any points such as Pal Points will become unredeemable.

For more details on in-game mail expiration dates, see here.

*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

*Events subject to change without notice or compensation - see event policy here.


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