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New Floor Added To Dungeon Creator Contest Winning Dungeon

[Duration]: 10/14, 0:00 - 10/20, 23:59 (UTC-8)

A new floor, Atelier d’Atelie, arrives to the Special Dungeon, Dungeon Creator Contest Winning Dungeon!

The dungeon based on the grand prize winner of the PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition Super Massive Dungeon Creator Contest is available to challenge for a limited time!

The Atelier d’Atelie floor will drop Paint of 5 Attributes, such as Red Paint, at random!

Additionally, Rainbow Paint will be guaranteed to drop!

First-Time Clear Rewards

Atelier d’Atelie… Event Medal - Rainbow Notes:

*Dungeon Creator Contest Winning Dungeon is a solo-play only dungeon.

*The dungeon will not be displayed in the Special Dungeons menu if the player does not meet the Stamina requirements. Stamina overflow does not change this requirement.

*In order to receive the bonus first-time clear rewards, players will need to complete the dungeon within 24 hours of the dungeon end time listed above. If a player has already entered a dungeon but clears it after the 24 hour grace period, they will not receive the bonus rewards.

*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

*If the changes are not displayed in-game, please try exiting the app completely and rebooting your device.


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