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New Floor Added to Unknown Nova-Supergravity/No Continues!

[Starting]: After the maintenance starting 11/24,18:00 (UTC-8)

The new floor, Thousand-Dragon of the Azure Sky has been added to the Technical Dungeon, Unknown Nova-Supergravity/No Continues!

See here for more information on the scheduled maintenance:

The New Floor Thousand-Dragon of the Azure Sky Arrives!

The Thousand-Dragon of the Azure Sky floor will appear after clearing the Hundred-Dragon of the Hellfires floor of the Unknown Nova-Supergravity/No Continues dungeon!

On this floor, powerful monsters will appear and Thousand-Armed Dragon, Senkyo awaits you on the final floor!

This floor will reward players with a large amount of Rank EXP and Coins each time it’s cleared!

Latent TAMADRA (Damage Limit Break) will also drop at a fixed rate!

Additionally, this floor is guaranteed to drop the following monsters when cleared!

Guaranteed Monster Drops

8x Latent TAMADRA (Skill Delay Resist.)

3x Super Snow Globe Dragon

3x Py (Random from 5 Attributes)

★What is Supergravity?

Dungeons with the new Supergravity restriction will heavily reduce your team’s attack power. Don’t forget to check the Special Rules on the Dungeon Screen as the reduction ratio will vary from dungeon to dungeon.


*If Orb movement feels slow, please go to Others > Options > Process Reduction and turn on Simple Background. All dungeon backgrounds will be changed to the background of the Departure Tower dungeon.

*The dungeons will not be displayed in the Special Dungeons menu if the player does not meet the stamina requirements. Stamina overflow does not change this requirement.

*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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