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New Floor Arrives in Ultimate Descended Rush! & Multiplayer! Descended Rush!

[Starting]: After the maintenance starting 10/26 (Tue) (UTC-8)

A new floor arrives to the Technical Dungeon, Ultimate Descended Rush!

In Gathering of Talents 3, select boss monsters such as Blood Moon Demon Lord, Gilles Legato; Heavenstar Dragon, Hexazeon; and Hellstar Dragon, Hexazeon will appear randomly on each section of this floor!

In addition, Py (1 of 5 Attributes), Gems and boss monsters that appear in the dungeon have a chance of dropping in the dungeon!

Do you have what it takes to challenge this high difficulty dungeon?

New Floor Added to Multiplayer! Descended Rush!

The new floor, Gathering of Talents 3 has arrived to Multiplayer! Descended Rush! as well! Play with friends to challenge this high difficulty dungeon!

*This floor will have the same content as the Gathering of Talents 3 floor of the dungeon Ultimate Descended Rush!


*Ultimate Descended Rush! unlocks after clearing the Mythic Stone Dragon Cave dungeon.

*Gathering of Talents 3 will appear in Ultimate Descended Rush! Immediately for players who have already cleared Mythic Stone Dragon Cave.

*Even if players have cleared Ultimate Descended Rush! and Multiplayer! Descended Rush! before, following the maintenance, Ultimate Descended Rush! and Multiplayer! Descended Rush! will award a first-time clear bonus of 1 Magic Stone for completing all floors of the dungeon.

*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.


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