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New Upgrades!

Numerous monsters from the Dragonbound & Dragon Callers series such as Dragon Slayer Fallen Dragonbound, Rehven, and Lively Healer Dragon Caller, Highren have received Upgrades!

Also, monsters from the Dragonbound & Dragon Callers series have had their latent awakening skills increased up to 8!

See here for more details:

Skill Upgrades

Leader Skill Upgrades

Awoken Skill Changes

Super Awakenings Adjustments

Level Limit Breakthrough & Super Awakenings

Max Level and Level Limit Breakthrough & Super Awakenings

Increased Parameters for Level Limit Breakthrough

Colorful Benevolence Dragon Caller, Ideal

Curse Inclined Dragon Caller, Ideal

Shield Drifting Dragon Caller, Enra

Desire Garden Dragon Caller, Shazel

Investigation Pursuing Dragon Caller, Nees

Violent Destruction Arm Dragonbound, No.6

Colorful Dragon Caller's Son, Artura

Hollow Coldfang Dragonbound, Kiri

Savage Claws Dragonbound, Tardis

Daunting Wraith Dragonbound, Li

Bewitching Illusion Dragonbound, Kulia

Enigmatic Onlooker Dragonbound, Distel

Supersonic Legendary Dragon Caller, Pralinae

Blazing Stream Devil Dragonbound, Suou

Creeping Mist Devil Dragonbound, Suou

Black Scissors Cutting Dragon Caller, Roche

Adulation Cutting Dragon Caller, Roche

Battle Master Dragon Caller, Valeria

Ambush Master Dragon Caller, Valeria

Manic-Guard Seething Dragon Caller, Alpha

Gentle-Guard Rising Dragon Caller, Omega

Newcomer Sword Dragon Caller, Lieto

Vigorous Vortex Dragon Caller, Vigo

Grudging Fallen Dragonbound, Rehven

Dragon Slayer Fallen Dragonbound, Rehven

Lively Healer Dragon Caller, Highren

Divine Healer Dragon Caller, Highren

Careful Rescue Dragon Caller, Mira


*All images and data displayed are in development and may be adjusted if necessary.

*If the changes are not displayed in-game, please try exiting the app completely and rebooting your device.


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