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P&D Pass Exclusive! Descended Series Dungeons 10x Skill Up Chance!

[Duration]: 6/1 (Tue), 0:00 - 6/20 (Sun), 23:59 (UTC-8)

For a limited time, Descended Series Dungeons will be available for P&D Pass Account holders with 10x Skill Up chance!

Use this opportunity to challenge the Descended Series Dungeons!

Select Dungeons

Descended Series-Extreme Annihilation

Descended Series-Annihilation 2

Descended Series-Annihilation 1

Descended Series-Mythical Plus

Descended Series-Legend Plus

Descended Series-Legend to Mythical

P&D Pass Account Status Check

Your P&D Pass account status can be checked from the Shop Menu.

How to check for an active account status

  • The P&D Pass logo is shown on the upper right corner.

  • The P&D Pass button shows a validity period.

*The free trial period is included as an active P&D Pass account.


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