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P&D Pass Trial Dungeon

[Duration]: 1/14, 0:00 - 1/31, 23:59 (PST)

For a limited time, the one-time clear only Special Dungeon, P&D Pass Trial Dungeon will be available daily! This dungeon will be the same dungeon as the daily dungeons exclusive to P&D Pass subscribers. During this trial, the 14th of the Month Dungeon ~ 31st of the Month Dungeon will be available to all players!

Clearing the 25th of the Month Dungeon will reward players with 500,000 Monster Points and clearing the 28th of the dungeon will reward players with 5x Event Medal - Rainbow.

Each dungeon will also reward 1 Magic Stone when it’s cleared for the first time! That’s 18 Magic Stones for clearing all of the dungeons!


*Dungeons with Tiers will reward the Tier 5 rewards.

*Each P&D Pass Trial Dungeon will be available for 60 hours from 0:00 of its availability date.

*P&D Pass Trial Dungeons will be available each day during the duration above regardless of P&D Pass account status.

*See here for more information on the P&D Pass:


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