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Play Select Dungeons at 0 Stamina Cost!

[Duration]: 2/22 (Mon), 12:00 AM (PST) - 3/31 (Wed), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)

For a limited time we’re renewing our previous 0 Stamina Cost for Select Dungeons bonus for the end of February and the entire month of March!

Select Dungeons:

  • Normal Dungeons [1-1: Departure Tower] - [3-8: Starlight Sanctuary]

  • Technical Dungeons [1-1: Fertile Land] - [2-11: Mythic Stone Dragon Cave]

  • Technical Dungeons [EX 1-1: Mechdragons’ Massive Fortress] - [EX 1-8: Insect Dragons’ Swarmed Paths]


*Players or their friends will not earn Pal Points or Multiplayer Bonus Pal Points from dungeons included in the 0 Stamina Cost event.

*Technical Dungeons are available after reaching Rank 10.

*Multiplayer Mode is unlocked after reaching a certain Rank.

*Magic Stones cannot be purchased to continue after a Game Over in Multiplayer Mode. (This applies to both 2-Player Mode and 3-Player Mode.)


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