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Receive PAD Appreciation Medal 2022!

[Duration]: 12/15, 0:00 - 12/31, 23:59 (PST)

Players can receive a PAD Appreciation Medal 2022 for logging in during the duration indicated above! The PAD Appreciation Medal 2022 can be exchanged at the Monster Exchange for one of the 3 new 7★ rarity Fest Exclusives!

Monsters Available for Exchange

Holy Crimson Dual-Sword Princess, Elfreide

Fiery Serenity Dual-Axe Princess, Myllie

Bewitching Scale Dual-Blade Warrior, Sagiri

See here for more information on the new Fest Exclusives:

*Monsters will arrive at Lv.Max, Max Skill Level and fully Awoken.


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