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Select Limited Time Dungeons Will Become Descended Dungeons!

[Starting]: After the maintenance starting on 9/15 (Wed) 18:00 (UTC-8)

Select Limited Time Dungeons will now appear as Descended Dungeons!

Select Dungeons:

Hephaestus Dragon Descended!

Noah Dragon Descended!

Gaia Dragon Descended!

Zeus Dragon Descended!

Hera Dragon Descended!

Drahklist Descended!-★6 or lower Enhanced

Whaledor Descended!-★6 or lower Enhanced

Raguel Descended!-★6 or lower Enhanced

Diara Descended!

Grato Descended!

Wallace Descended!

Amnel Descended!

Ena Descended!

Kunpoo Descended!

Unma Descended!

Rokks Descended!

Whippe Descended!

Zebun Descended!


*Select dungeons will appear as Descended Dungeon after the maintenance.

*If you have cleared the select dungeons as Limited Time Dungeons already, the first-time Clear Bonus cannot be obtained.

*Please check in-game for the dungeon schedules.


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