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Special Lunar New Year Bundles

[Duration]: 2/9, 0:00 - 2/25, 23:59 (PST)


2 special bundles will be available for purchase to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

See below for more details on each bundle.

100 Magic Stones & Lunar New Year Egg Machine

This limited-time special Egg Machine will grant 14 pulls in total! 

The lineup for pulls 1-6 will feature many Fest Exclusive monsters such as Diamond REMDra with REMDra & PEMDra and Stone Hermit Dragon, Grannerv! 

Additionally, the 7th pull will guarantee Red REMDra (7 Pulls)! 

Pulling Red REMDra (7 Pulls) will send an additional 7 pulls via in-game mail, which features the same lineup as the pulls 1-6! 

Price: $64.99 (USD) 

Bundle Contents

  • 100 Magic Stones

  • Lunar New Year Egg Machine (14 pulls in total)

*Lunar New Year Egg Machine will distribute the 14 pulls as follows. 

  1. Pulls 1-7: Sent via in-game mail after purchasing. (7th pull will guarantee Red REMDra (7 Pulls))

  2. Pulls 8-14: After pulling the first Egg Machine, another Egg Machine will be sent via in-game mail. 

Pull 7 Lineup

Red REMDra (7 Pulls)

*All monsters from the Egg Machines included in the bundles above will arrive at Max Level, Max Skill Level, Fully Awoken, and +297 (+99 HP, +99 ATK, +99 RCV).

5 Magic Stones & Red Envelope Set

Price: $0.99 (USD) 

Bundle Contents:

  • 5 Magic Stones

  • 1x King Gold Dragons

  • 2,024 + Points 


*These bundles can only be purchased once per account.  


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